Calverton Village Get Together

Keith Stewart   ·  
May 22, 2017

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I took my kids to the village get together again this year and it turned out to be yet another fun day with some great acts, stalls and a good catch up with friends I've not seen for a while...


Brooke was singing in the choir for Sir John Sherbrooke at the village get together this year, so she walked the parade with a lot of other people, before singing with the chior with some of her school mates - and others from the school in the center field dancing. I took Finlay there before noon so we could see her and the rest of the children at Sir John Sherbrooke perform.


The sun was shining throughout most of the day and it kept dry. There was fun fair rides, lots of stalls with tombola's, games and items for sale, bouncy castle, archery and many other things to keep yourself and your children entertained.. I was sat drinking coffee in the corner like an old man through part of it, pahahahaha! There was plenty of acts throughout the day to watch - my favourite was the flying angels - very entertaining to watch!


From what I gather is that Finlay's favourite was the archery and Brookes was the MMA and kickboxing. Overall it was a fullfilling, entertaining day - exactly what to expect from the village get together ... lets just say they slept very well that night.


for more infomation about the village get together and what it involved, see



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