Easter Break with Family

Keith Stewart   ·  
April 20, 2017

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This Easter holidays we spent a few days with family up in Middlesbrough as my Mam was kind enough to come pick us up and take us back home in her car (thanks mum heart).


The first day I went to watch the new Fast 8 movie with my eldest son Ryan .. it was great to see him as I haven't seen him (nor the others to be fair) for many months! The movie itself was pretty good too - don't worry I won't be releasing any spoilers wink, but lets just say it was good other than me almost falling asleep half way through - That's what I get for waking up at 4am that day.


Thursday we spent a few hours at Seaton Carew (or as my Mam called it "Seaton Canoe" - read more about why here LOL http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-tyne-37551735). I bought Ryan, Brooke and Finlay an ice cream each and Brooke being Brooke dropped hers after a few minutes but thanks to her Taekwondo reflexes she caught it before it hit the ground! haha. The rest of Thursday was spent at Stewarts Park (where Brooke and Finlay went nuts when seeing the Llamas!) and then just lounging about.


We spent Saturday at Whitby - walking round looking at all the seaside shops, eating fish and chips followed by ice cream, walking down to the tip of the peer (damn, it was windy as hell!!!!). Myself and Brooke also raced up the steps to the Abbey where I soon got a phone call from my Mam at the bottom who took care of Finlay who froze in fear just a few steps up.. so we raced back down to make sure he was ok. Later this day we went to Preston Park where the kids had a play in their HUGE play area before a slow strole around the riverside.


Sunday was a family BBQ at my sisters, which went well - Lee you overdone yourself again, the food was amazing! yes


The only downside to the whole break was Brooke getting an ear infection at the beginning of the break, where we had to attend the NHS walk in center in Stockon to get her some antibiotics - overall it was a great few days break which was well overdue.


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