Our First Taekwondo Grading

Keith Stewart   ·  
January 07, 2017

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Just before Christmas Brooke and I went for our first Taekwondo grading which was to attempt to achieve our yellow tag belt (9th cup) - this week we got the results...


On the Monday evening before Christmas, myself and Brooke attended Taekwondo grading at a sports hall in Leabrooks near Alfreton (thank you Helen and Dazzla for the lift btw) Where Master Bradshaw was there to grade us on our abilities. Approx. 15-18 students turned up to attempt to achieve their next belt - all of which were colour belts, ranging from white up to red belt (black belts I assume are graded on a different day). I was quite nervous as you would expect but to be fair there was nothing to worry about - both myself and Brooke thoroughly enjoyed it and simply got stuck in and did what we needed to do.


Anyway, we would of normally received our results along with a certificate and new belt if we passed, a few days after the grading - but as Brooke had a school play that evening we skipped Taekwondo that Wednesday evening to attend Brookes school play instead (our first and only missed lesson so far since we started ... oops) - because of this we had to wait until after Christmas and New Year to find out if we passed or failed .. arrgggg it was torture!!! We got out results back this week and was very please with them - Brooke passed hers with a credit, and I passed mine with a distinction!!! buzzing :)


Onwards and upwards .. many more to come hopefully.


Keith passed with Distinction
Brooke passed with credit


New Taekwondo belts and certificates


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