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January 03, 2017

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Nottingham on New Years Eve
Nottingham on New Years Eve (Not My Picture)


Well, 2016 broke me beyond repair!! It had it's ups and downs and the run-up to Christmas and New Year was no exception to this. I lost my little brother back in June, almost lost my Mam a week later to appendicitis and the drama between myself and Marie back in Feb/March - we have also lost a large amount of iconic people in 2016 compared to other years recently, starting with the sad news of David Bowie's death in January, we've since had a stream of household names who died including music legend Prince, Harry Potter star Alan Rickman, TV favourite Terry Wogan, This Morning's Denise Robertson, Kenny Baker and the beloved Carrie Fisher from Star Wars, and Carrie's Mum Debbie Reynolds (not to mention many many more) - it's basically been a tough year for most of us! The picture below describes everything I believe in for this coming year...  yup... live it to the full as you only get one shot!!! 2017 I'm ready for whatever you have to throw at me.


Robbie Williams New Year Quote
Robbie Williams New Year Quote


Thursday before Christmas I went for a Christmas meal with William (who my company has been doing work for, for the last 2-3 years) and co-workers there John and David. William took us to The Sprinfield Inn at Lowdham for a 3 course meal - and impressive it was... great company, great food - I'm glad I didn't have to foot the bill ... I would definitely recommend the slow cooked beef rib main course it was deliteful. Apologies I forgot to snap the desert.


Main Course


Christmas weekend was a quiet one with family and my kids - they got what they wanted (laptops) and we've barely heard from them since! haha ... and a few bevvies. I have a feeling my famlily and friends think I'm a piss head with all the strong alcohol I was given for Christmas? ouch! It saved me some cash anyhow.. other than having to buy beer to water it down a bit before I drowned myself in liquor. Thank you Brooke and Finlay for my present I love it!!!!!! (bike mantal piece clock)


My Christmas Present from Brooke and Finlay
My Christmas Present from Brooke and Finlay


New Years Eve didn't quiet go to plan - I came down with manflu the day before which kept strong until 2nd January meaning I was in bed at 9pm on New Years Eve after just 3 bottles of Corona - ah well, it saved me some pennies, and with Finlay's 10th birthday the next day it makes it easier without the hangover anyway haha. Finlay enjoyed his 10th birthday and got plenty of presents and money from family and friends (thank you) .. the downside is that he wants to spend £130 on My Little Pony's .. ermmmm ... OK ... whatever floats your boat lad.


They Think I'm a Piss Head!
They Think I'm a Piss Head!



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