The adventures of a father, designer, developer and geek...

A Brief Background

My name is Keith Stewart and I am a web developer and company director for Calverton Computing. My interest in web development stemmed from a passion for gaming; although lately I spend much more time developing websites than I do gaming. Most days, I spend hours developing both website front-end user interfaces and complex back-end functionality, to make great looking websites, "that work".

Outside of my life in web development, I enjoy cycling; In June 2014 I cycled a 150 mile charity bike ride with Prostate Cancer UK from London to Amsterdam; then again in June 2015 I cycled the same challenge but also cycled 200 miles from Nottingham to London the previous 2 days totalling more than 350 miles cycling in just 4 days. I enjoy working out in my home gym, P90x, Insanity and I also do Taekwondo twice each week with my daughter.

I am also a proud father. Spending time with my family is a must.. even if we don't go out anywhere - A family movie night can be just as fun. I enjoy walks into the countryside and watching movies both at home and the cinema.


Content precedes design. Design in the absence of content is not design, it’s decoration.
- Jeffrey Zeldman

Some of My Work

i am a FATHER

You can kiss your family and friends good-bye and put miles between you, but at the same time you carry them with you in your heart, your mind, your stomach, because you do not just live in a world but a world lives in you.
- Frederick Buechner

i am a CYCLIST

If my legs had an attached meter measuring movement through lifetime, it would register far more revolutions than steps. In fact I hardly ever walk anywhere unless I have to – from my office chair to get coffee, to climb stairs, visit the bathroom, enter a pub, or go to a meeting. I'd probably cycle to those too if permitted, and if it wasn't slightly dangerous.
- Peter Kimpton

Freedom of Cycling

Some weekends (and sometimes Wednesdays) I meet up with the lads from Sherwood Cycling Club, and go out for 40-80 mile rides with them - depending on the weather. I have gotten to know some of these lads quite well as these rides are very sociable, and it keeps me fit so it's a win-win situation.

In June 2014 I cycled 150 miles from London to Amsterdam with the Football League and Prostate Cancer UK - I enjoyed this so much that I decided to sign up again for their 2015 event; but this time add some miles in before hand. In the 2015 event I cycled from Nottingham to Amsterdam via Leicester, Coventry, Northampton, Milton Keyens, Stevenage, London and Harwich - spinning more than 350 miles in just 4 days.

I was, for a brief time, a non-paid columnist for the Nottingham Post, writing all sorts of stories about cycling. I was quite shocked, yet delighted that one of the editors phoned me and asked me to do this.

i am a BLOGGER

The Internet has become a remarkable fount of economic and social innovation largely because it's been an archetypal level playing field, on which even sites with little or no money behind them - blogs, say, or Wikipedia - can become influential.
- James Surowiecki

Am I am a Blogger?

I started blogging around 2013 after several years of debating with myself if it was worth it? Would people actually read what I write? I wasn't sure if I could take any negative critisism which anyone may have about what I had written (and more so, my spelling and Grammar! Errr). Despite all these thoughts I decided to start blogging about different aspects of my life and my family life.

I value my blogging because it allows me to express what is on my mind without anyone else editing me. I value the freedom of having my own voice to say what I wish, where I am in control.